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4 Tile Trends Every Homeowner Should Know About

kitchen_backsplash1-1024x768If you’ve flipped through a home design magazine in the last few years, chances are you’ve seen some new things done with tile. It’s always been the easiest kind of floor to take care of, and it can last for decades. But these days, form is catching up to function. Some of the most attractive interiors being done today involve tile installations.

So what in particular should you keep an eye out for? As a homeowner looking for practical home improvement investments, and projects that are going to be fun and functional, what are some things you could do with tile with a reasonably low budget?

Here are four tile trends you’ll want to know about.

1. Faux Wood

When you see how closely today’s tile floor designs are able mimic all colors and types of natural wood, you’ll probably start to wonder why you would pay more for real wood. After all, natural wood (depending on the type you choose) is a notoriously expensive and difficult-to-maintain flooring option. If you have floors that look and even feel like natural wood, yet have all the durable, stain proof and waterproof qualities of tile, it’s an option to be taken seriously.

2. Custom patterns

Tile isn’t always something you install in a linear, square fashion. A qualified tile installation specialist will be skilled and experienced in different types of tile setting, including circular and mosaic installations. This can add a whole new depth and dimension to your floors in particular.

3. Tiled living areas

Tile has always been a favorite for bathrooms and kitchens. It’s nearly impossible to stain, it’s highly waterproof, and it’s easy to clean. But for living areas and bedrooms, homeowners often go with a more expensive option—like plush carpeting or natural wood. But now that tile can accurately mimic almost any type of surface (in both appearance and texture), people are installing tile in living rooms and bedrooms as well.

4. Easy DIY tile

If you’re looking to get something going without professional help, manufacturers are making it easier for you. There are now tile installation systems that can be laid over natural surfaces such as dirt and grass. There are also tiles that have interlocking “clip” technology that eliminates the need for grout and other adhesive. A word to the wise, however: These types of installations may not hold up as well as professional tile work.

Is tile the right choice for your home?

What makes these options so attractive for homeowners today? First, they’re relatively inexpensive and easy to maintain. Second, they look stunning. Modern living is all about beauty and simplicity. It’s about options that look fantastic and work even better. That’s why tile is such a growing market today. It can take abuse like no other type of flooring, especially in its price range. Stains are not an issue, and stressful cleaning procedures and totally unnecessary.

Tile may or may not be the right choice for your home; but it can’t hurt to know what all the buzz is about. We hope this post has helped you to discover some new options for your home renovation plans!

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