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5 Common Tile Installation Mistakes to Avoid


1. Make Sure Surface is ready and Level
Before installing tile you might want to be sure that your surface is ready and prepared to have the tile installed. It is imperative to have the surface area clean and free of debris. It is also very important to make sure the surface is level, and if not, it is important to make the necessary adjustments before the installation begins. Preparing the surface area beforehand will help minimize potential errors and allow the adhesive to stick properly to surface.
2. Make sure to use the right adhesive
The tile you have chosen to have installed and the underlayment, will affect the type of adhesive that is needed. Too often cost influences which adhesive is purchased, which can have an adverse effect on the bonding elements between tile and underlayment. Various types of adhesives are made for different applications. For example, one adhesive may work well on wall tile but will not effectively adhere well to floor tiles.
3. Pay attention to grout joints
All tiles are not created equal. The size of a tile can change from box to box, even tile to tile. Taking this into account while tile is being set, an installer will make adjustments accordingly to allow enough space to absorb a change in tile size without losing the desired look.
4. Read instructions carefully and thoroughly
Issues can arise when product instructions are not followed. Products are specially formulated and something as simple as adding too much or too little water to the mix can result in a bad mix that will lead to further problems in time.
5. Grouting properly
The grout application is often overlooked as a potential problem when installing tile. It is the easiest step in completing the installation, yet that does not mean the procedures neglected. It is important to read manufacturers recommendation to make sure you are adding the right amount of water and that the grout is being mixed properly. When the right amount of water is not added, then you can have grout that is not cured adequately or will crack due to the lack of water. In addition to that you will need to wait until the grout has been set before cleaning. If you start the cleaning process at the wrong time, then you might be affecting the integrity and color of the grout.