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5 Reasons To Consider Outdoor Tiles

If you’re considering laying out a patio or some pathways in your garden, outdoor tiles should be top of your list of materials to use. While the usual go-to maybe concrete or conventional brick paving, outdoor tiles can fulfil all these roles while at the same time looking good and being easy to install. In other instances, you’ve thought of installing wood paneling, but again outdoor tiles offer a great alternative. Read on to learn about some other reasons to consider outdoor tiles.

Long lasting

Outdoor tiles are incredibly durable. Made out of strong ceramics, they are usually thicker and more sturdy than indoor tiles. This means that with minimal base preparation, they can be installed and are able to support large weights without cracking. Because of their composition, they’re also suitable for more uneven surfaces, where materials like concrete would crack. And unlike wooden decks, tiles require no maintenance, saving you hours of sanding and varnishing every year.

Easy to clean

Just like tiles inside, outdoor tiles are easy to clean. Outdoor surfaces are exposed to the elements, so regularly get wet and dirty. Tile surfaces won’t stain, which means that all that is needed to clean them is a bit of soap and water. To make things easier, a hard-bristled broom will help remove some of the more stubborn pieces of grime, alternatively a high-pressure hose can be used. All quick, all easy.

Alter the lighting

If you’re wanting to surface an area such as for a patio, the surface you install can have a big impact on how lighting is affected. Areas that don’t get much sun will benefit from a light surface to brighten up an area. For areas that have constant sun exposure though, you’d be better off choosing a dark surface that can minimize reflections that can otherwise be blinding. Tiles come in many different colors, which makes finding a suitable surface even easier.

Wood-look tile

Tiles don’t only come in different colors though, they also come in a variety of unique styles. Everyone is familiar with the traditional polished tile appearance, but you can even buy tiles which mimic the appearance of wood. Wood-like tiles are stained to convey a grain structure in them and come in long strips so when installed look exactly like a wooden floor. Now your deck can have the appearance of wood, but with the added benefits of tile.


We mentioned it earlier, but tiles can be used to replace a number of different surfaces for various applications. Individual tiles can be spaced out to create stepping stones, while others can surround a pool and be grouted in place, providing a solid, homogenous surface. Driveways, patios or skirting, outdoor tiles can be placed anywhere.
Outdoor tiles are the perfect surface to lay down in your garden, yard or driveway. While tiles are easier to install than a concrete surface, larger projects should still be left to a professional, especially if you want to ensure proper spacing and a grouting that will last as long as your tiles do. If you hadn’t before, we hope this list makes you consider outdoor tiles for the future.