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5 Reasons You Shouldn’t DIY Tiles

Yes, you probably could handle tiling your shower walls or perhaps even the flooring throughout your home. I mean, you’ve watched enough HGTV shows to know exactly how it’s done right down to those cute little spacers that sit between the tiles. Heck, you’ve even watched a dozen or so YouTube videos on how to add color to your grout to create an even slicker finish.

I watched a YouTube video on how to repair an iPhone once. I ordered the right tools and when it came down to it I knocked it out the park… well, until I went to turn it on and realized I had failed and had to pay someone to repair it anyway. So, I spent more than I should have by thinking I could do it myself. Some people really do have to learn the hard way, but you shouldn’t be one of those people. Here’s why!

1. It’s A Long-Term Investment

Tiles aren’t cheap so this isn’t something you can just change next year if you get it wrong. There is a serious cost involved here and a professional will ensure the area is measured correctly, they will have the correct tools to cut tiles as required and will ensure the job is done right. Sure, you could rent those tools but… do you know how to use them? Why spend money to rent tools you don’t know how to use when you can hire a professional who comes with those tools and knows what they’re doing?

2. Risking Long-Life
If you get a spacer wrong, mix your grout wrong or make any other mistakes you’re leaving your tiles at risk of cracking. Not to mention the professional will use less tile (and everything else) because they get the job done right the first time. It’s always handy to have spare tiles in case of a repair.

3. Water Damage
Do you know what can happen if your tiles start to crack or the grout isn’t finished properly? Water damage. That is going to be far most costly to deal with than it would be to have just hired a professional in the first place.

4. Voiding the Warranty
Everything comes with a hitch and the warranty is no different. Hidden in the fine writing is a clause that voids your warranty if you don’t contact a professional to take care of the installation. So, you have a huge expense already and you’re going to the risk the warranty to save a bit of money on hiring a professional tiler? That’s just asking for trouble!

5. It’s All About That Aesthetic
Have you ever been to someone’s house and raised a brow at the state of their tiling? They probably did it themselves. Uneven spaces between tiles, grout chipping away… is it just me, or is this tile a bit higher than the rest? Yeah, there’s a reason that not everyone is a professional tiler and unless you are one you shouldn’t be undertaking the job in your home. Just let the professionals do their thing and rest easy knowing the jobs a taken care of.

If you want to have your tiles placed professionally, give us a call!