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5 Things to Consider When Renovating Your Bathroom

showertile4-225x300So its renovation time and you’ve made the decision to revive your boring, outdated, cramped bathroom into a sanctuary of spa-like heaven. Usually there are only a few ways to utilize your bathroom space to its maximum benefit, so choosing the right ways to do this is important.

Your bathroom is usually the second smallest (if not the smallest) room in your home, so being creative and innovative in your renovations can really improve how big the room actually is, and the right choice of décor, lighting, tiles and flooring can make the room appear to be bigger than it actually is, leaving you with a relaxed and highly usable modern space to relax and rejuvenate.

Utilize the space

When thinking about the final product of the room you want, think about how you can utilize the space the best. Recessing cupboards and storage units into walls and unused areas is a great way to make the room feel like you have more space than you actually do. Having recessed cupboards uses the same physical space on the wall, but that flush feeling of not having something intrusive in your face can make a big difference.


Clutter can make a well-used bathroom feel less tranquil, so if you want a clutter free room, without the elements of product all over the place, you can add elements to your renovation that can make that a reality. There are so many smart storage solutions around, and it’s not hard to find a solution to suit your space, just do a little research.


Lighting can be one of the most important elements of a new bathroom, and choices again are unlimited, but you really need to make sure the lighting element suits the style of the room, and has maximum functionality.


Next you need to choose the type of bath, shower, spa or combination to suit your space. At this stage you’ll all look at basins, taps and other fittings. Choose a style to suit your own personal taste, and the style of your renovation, with everything from contemporary and modern, to classic and chic.

Flooring & Walls

The difference between a good renovation and a great renovation is the choice of flooring and wall finishes. If tranquility in your final renovated bathroom is what you are looking for, then stone and innovative tile combinations just cannot be matched.

If you’ve ever been to a high end resort that had a day spa available for massages and relaxation; you’ll probably have noticed that the room coloring and use of tiles and stones created the tranquility as much as the full body massage and the cocktail in your hand did. If that’s what you’re aiming for in your renovation, then the stone and tile combinations cannot be looked past. Earthy green, brown or grey toned splashes of paint combined with real stone pebbles and tiles will create the best innovative tile creation combinations you can imagine to relax you.

Combine these with lighting that accentuates the natural elements; add some raw timber trimmings around your storage and mirrors, and your bathroom will be envied by everyone who visits your home, (if you can ever leave your new bathroom to invite them to visit).

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