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1.) Do I need to seal my tile and or grout?
For grout, always seal your tile. However, any existing grout will need to be cleaned thoroughly prior to sealing. It is also very important to read directions from the manufacturer carefully as some products differ from others. New grout can be protected by adding a “grout boost” or similar color enhancing preservative.

Tile is NOT the same as grout and does not need to be sealed if it is a synthetic or man-made product. Natural stone tiles do need to be treated usually before and after grouting for best results. Frequency? Always read the directions carefully as they should specify how often their product should be used.

2.) What should I use to clean my tile?
First, NO BLEACH! I would suggest steaming at least once every 6 weeks. Also, when mopping or scrubbing floors, stay away from colored cleaners, especially on light colored grout. Try clear vinegar and hot water or a light colored cleaner for best results and keep your tile looking brand new.