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Fireplace Tile Installation in Toms River, NJ

Fireplace is the center and a focal point of the living room. Most homes that have it try to decorate it so it stands out. Why not let us design it and create a master piece that you would be proud to display?


Our professional tilesetters will make your fireplace look amazing. Designing with tile at is an opportunity to combine our sense of artistry and style with the practical needs of the application. Tile will bring all the elements of design – color, texture, pattern, and form – to any surface where we install it. As with any home improvement project, we consider quality when selecting tile for your fireplace.


Strength and durability are not as important when tile is serving a purely decorative function, such as a wall mural, but they are all important where the tile will be exposed to heavy traffic or freeze-thaw cycles. At Innovative Tile we take the necessary steps to insure a perfect install every time, so that you are worry free. Whatever preparation is required, we do it carefully. What goes under your tile can mean the difference between a successful installation or a troublesome one. Each kind of tile and installation situation will have different requirements; ones that we will be able to address properly.

Our custom-designed tiled fireplaces can create a stunning centerpiece to your home while keeping your family warm on cold days. A beautiful fireplace adds atmosphere to your home and can give your home the cozy or elegant feel that you wish to add to your home.

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