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Five Things You Should Know Before Installing Tile Floors

kitchen_floor_tile-1024x768Tile isn’t traditionally considered a luxurious flooring option. People wanting a more upscale option were more likely to go with natural wood, or spotless marble, or even soft expensive carpet. Tile floors would have been considered an economic choice, but nothing that’s going to drop jaws or make your neighbors envious.

Well, things have changed. Home design magazines are now full of unique, beautiful, long-lasting and affordable tile designs. People with homes of all sizes and types are taking a fresh look at tile for their flooring needs. The big question is, why?

1. Comes in a barrage of new styles and designs

You may have visited a tile shop ten or twenty years ago and not been terribly impressed. Sure, the salesman told you it would last a long time and would be easy to clean—but there weren’t many styles to choose from.

Today, you can visit a home goods store (or reach out to a tile installation specialist) and be truly amazed by the sheer number of design options out there. There’s tile that looks exactly like natural hardwood or natural stone. There’s tumbled or “stressed” tile that gives a worn in feel. There’s tile made of stone, ceramic and composite materials. The designs people are achieving today are visually stunning, low maintenance, and as long-lasting as ever.

2. Requires very little maintenance

If you’re looking for floors that you won’t have to worry much about, tile has always been a good choice. This remains true with the various new types of tile on the market. You can’t really stain tile, no matter what you spill on it. Water damage isn’t much of a concern (at least where the tile is concerned). And cleaning doesn’t require special care—just grab a mop and go to town. Tile is truly the easiest flooring option out there in terms of maintenance and cleaning.

3. Among the most economical choices

Specialty tile designs can still be expensive, but the tile market has already evolved to the point where many attractive designs are available at lower and lower rates. You can still pay a lot for tile floors if you seek a custom design with intricate patterning, but on the whole, attractive options are still on the lower end of the flooring cost spectrum. Plus there’s the question of durability and maintenance. Tile lasts a long time and requires few if any repairs over the course of its life, resulting in a better return on investment for homeowners.

4. A strong choice for the planet

Since tile is often fabricated from materials that are either natural or recycled. As a flooring material, it lasts a long time and doesn’t require any harmful chemicals for cleaning. For these reasons, many people consider tile the most ecologically responsible choice for long-term flooring.

5. A long-lasting flooring option

Ten or twenty years is not an unusual lifespan for a tile floor that has been installed by a reputable tile flooring specialist. As long as you do your research ahead of time, and settle on a design you’ll be happy with for years to come, tile floors are truly a long-term investment.

Is Tile the Right Choice for Your Flooring?

There’s no way that tile is going to render other types of flooring obsolete. After all, natural wood or stone flooring (or even carpet) are classic options with their own advantages. But with the recent explosion in style designs, plus the other benefits of tiel mentioned here, there’s a compelling argument for taking a very serious look at tile for any new flooring projects.

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