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Innovative Tile Ideas For A Beach Style Home

Beach-style homes are often elaborately decorated and lavishly furnished. Every room typically has its own unique style and look; and you can add to that style and look with tiling. Whether it’s tiling for your bathroom or kitchen floors, or some other elaborate use of tile, there are many different ways to use tile to boost the “Wow!” factor of your home.

Colorful Tiled Walls: Part of the experience of a beach-style house might be that you feel as though you are at the beach, so, why not add some isolated sections of deep blue or turquoise-colored tiles onto your wall. They would look wonderful with a backdrop of white on either side, perhaps utilize the juxtaposing color in the shower’s alcove, to hold soaps and other amenities.

Tiles Aren’t Restricted to Stone: Tiling doesn’t just come in ceramics and porcelain, you could create a nice rustic look to your beach-style-house by implementing wood tiling, though this would not likely be something you would want to put in your bathroom, but still, you could use it for a feature wall of some sort.

Pebble Tiles: Pebble tiles offer another element of uniqueness to your home. They are usually a massive collection of pebbles stuck to a backing using clay, or some other adhesive; they’re not really tiles in the traditional sense, but can still perform as though they were. They’d probably look great in your shower as part of some elaborately designed wall, perhaps snaking from ceiling to floor. Pebble tiling can also be applied to your bathroom floor, which would definitely be unique and give you that pebble-beach feel as you walk into your bathroom.

Mosaics: Miniscule, colorful tiles can be arranged into intricate mosaic designs to fill an entire wall, maybe to act as a ‘feature’ wall in your living room? Go bright – blues and greens definitely give off a ‘beach-style’ feel.

Digitally-Printed Tiles: Aside from the naturally-occurring elements that manufacturers use to create tiling, there is a digital option (there’s a digital option for just about everything these days!). If you wish to create intricately designed tiles to give your beach home another unique look, you can do so with digitally-printed tiles. This process requires high-heat energy transfers used to fuse a digital image onto a tile substrate. These make quite cool photographic layouts to hang in your home.

Tiles Are Not Just For The Inside: Usually, if you’re investing in a beach-style house, you’re in a temperate climate; warm and sunny most of the time, with rain and wind, but nothing outrageously cold and typically don’t face terrible weather conditions like snowstorms or monsoons. This means that tiling would also be an option for the exterior of your house, specifically roof tiling, typically made from clay. There are a number of roof-tiling styles, from ‘Spanish’ style, a grooved, raised shape, to straight tiles, which are often found in Germany and much of Western Europe.

Whether you’re redecorating your beach-style house to give it a fresh, new look, or buying a beach home for the first time, tiling is a great way to make the place more vibrant. Tiling offers you a versatile (no pun intended) decorative solution with many options for colors, shapes and patterns.