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Repairing Broken Tile: Is it Really That Difficult?

broken tileTile is one of the most durable options available for modern flooring, walls and accents. People love it because it’s relatively inexpensive and easy to maintain. It doesn’t stain, and can last decades without any need for repair. The recent explosion in styles and types of tile makes an even more compelling case, as homeowners are able to achieve a wide range of looks with this versatile material.

But tile is not invincible, and breakage does happen. Homeowners need to know their options when a break does occur. Is it possible to repair it yourself, without having to pay a contractor? What if you don’t have any spare tile in the same color or style? Will it be difficult to acquire the materials you need to finish the repair? How long will the repair last?

Fortunately, these questions aren’t difficult to answer if you know where to look. The level of difficulty in repairing your cracked or broken tile will depend on a few basic things.

The type of tile

Tile flooring is manufactured using any number of different materials. The most common is ceramic, but there are tiles made of stone, porcelain, slate and vinyl. Each of these types have unique installation requirements, and it’s important to understand these requirements before embarking on a DIY repair mission.

The location of the break

The reality is that some locations in your home are more conspicuous than others. If you notice broken tile in an out-of-the-way place, DIY might be a more feasible option (provided you’re comfortable with such a repair). On the other hand, a broken tile in the middle of the kitchen or bathroom is more of a pressing issue, and the quality of the repair will be right under your nose for years to come. Help from a professional tile company might give you greater piece of mind and help you resolve the problem without delay.

Do you have any spare tiles?

People often enjoy tile floors for years without any problems, and when a break finally occurs, they have trouble locating spare tile to fill the gaps. Styles and manufacturers are constantly changing, and it can be difficult to find replacements if your tile is customized, or was installed several years ago. Many specialists recommend that homeowners purchase extra tile at the time of installation. That way, if and when a repair becomes necessary, there’s no question of having the correct materials for the job.

Dealing with broken tile in the most effective way possible

Any homeowner wanting to set themselves up for years (or even decades) of worry-free flooring would be wise to give tile the consideration it deserves. No other type of flooring gives you the same combination of affordability, versatility and aesthetic options.

But if a tile does crack or break, it’s important to know how to deal with it in the most effective and affordable way possible. Depending on your level of skill, DIY repair may be a viable option. But if you find yourself uncertain, a call to your local tile contractor can help clear up any lingering doubts.

We hope you’ve found this information useful, and we welcome your feedback in the space below!