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How to Stay Warm in Winter With Tile Floors

Tiles aren’t just stylish, they help keep your home cool in the summer months, they are easier to clean and maintain, and they certainly last far longer than carpeting does. However, if you find it difficult to keep warm in the winter months then you may find tile off-putting. Don’t worry, there are plenty of tips and tricks you can use to maintain a comfortable temperature with tile flooring, even in winter.

In the Kitchen

Since it’s a high traffic area putting an area rug down would just create a trip hazard. The most effective way to handle this situation is by having underfloor heating installed. It can save you as much as 50% on your energy bills and it will ensure that your feet are toasty and warm while you make dinner, brew an herbal tea before bed, or while you’re making popcorn for family movie night.

In the Bathroom

Again, underfloor heating is an excellent option, especially when you prefer natural stone tiling. You don’t need to choose underfloor heating for every room of your home, but by installing it in a few key areas will solve the problem. It’s much nicer to step out of the bath or shower and have your feet land on a warm floor. For the bathroom, you may want to consider hot water underfloor heating, because it is essentially central heating for the floor. Hot water pumps around plastic pipes which are installed beneath the floor and keeps the room warm. It’s also a cheaper option and will save on hot water.

The great thing about the bathroom, though, is that it’s the ideal spot for an area rug or bathmat. You won’t need to worry about cold feet and you can add a splash of color to the space.

In the Living Room

Natural stone tiling is the easiest type of tile to heat and they also retain the heat very well. So, if you have a wood burner or a fire in the living room you won’t need to do much more than that to stay warm. The heat they generate is sufficient to heat your tiles and keep them warm for quite a while. In fact, because you tend to burn them for so long you may find that your tiles are still warm the following morning.

If you aren’t as lucky as having a fireplace then a large area rug for the center of the room is the perfect addition to any room. It can add color and style to the space and offers a change from the normal aesthetic of your living room.

While you may not want to invest in underfloor heating for such a large space, you can also choose a heated mat. However, the most effective way to keep yourself warm in the winter with floor styles is by having a radiant floor heating system installed. Tiles are heated quickly and easily and because of how well they retain their heat you don’t need to have the heat running for long to make a massive difference.