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Are Tile Exteriors a Good Investment for Your Home?

commercial1As a homeowner, there are probably a hundred things you’d like to improve around the house. From outdoor landscaping to refinishing a bathroom or kitchen, you’re constantly thinking about ways to make your home more attractive, more functional, and even more valuable.

The trouble is, most of these home improvements (especially major renovation projects) don’t come cheap. If money were no object, you could tackle one project after another and enjoy a constantly evolving home. But most homeowners have to prioritize carefully. We have to think about what projects are really going to improve our lifestyle while adding aesthetic and financial value to the property.

Tile flooring makes the grade for many homeowners, and it’s not hard to see why. It’s relatively affordable, extremely long-lasting, very low maintenance, and the design elements of tile have made considerable strides in recent years. The finished results can transform an interior and provide years of enjoyment.

But what about tile exteriors? Is this type of project viable for the average homeowner? Does it improve lifestyle? Does it pay off in terms of market value?

Why tile works outside

Many people are surprised to learn that ceramic tile has been used outdoors for thousands—that’s right, thousands—of years. But if you take a look at the history of tile, you’ll see that this material was used much more frequently in climates that are tropical and warm. This is because freeze-thaw cycles can wreak havoc on tile. After all, a tile installation is only a strong as the materials and techniques used to set and fix it in place.

This has changed in modern times. New materials and techniques have been developed that allow professionals to set tile outdoors, even in areas with radical temperature swings, with fantastic long-term results. It all comes down to the following key elements:

  • Using the highest quality tiles, grout, sealers, and caulking materials
  • Making sure the slab on which tile is installed is clean and dry, with effective drainage
  • Following any special instructions from the manufacturer of the specific kind of tile being installed
  • Using special techniques to give the tile “space” to expand and contract with the seasons
  • Expert-level tile setting and sealing
  • Timely maintenance if a problem does occur

The best way to make sure all of these requirements are met, of course, is to seek help from a qualified tile installation specialist. These people have seen it all, and they know how to ensure the best possible results for outdoor tile installations. Reputable companies will also guarantee their work from defects for a set period of time, giving homeowners extra peace of mind.

Why choose tile exteriors?

Installing tile in and around the exterior of your home is an attractive investment for all the same reasons as indoor tile projects. It works on both walls and floors. It’s incredibly easy to clean. It lasts a long time with little to no maintenance requirements. And with new styles that mimic everything from natural wood to stone and marble, the design options are limitless. Patios, walkways, outdoor kitchens, exterior walls, and other outdoor areas are all great candidates for tile.

Exterior tile installation may not be the first priority on your home improvement list—but it’s certainly worth consideration, especially given the high rates of satisfaction reported by homeowners who invest in outdoor tile projects.

We hope this information has been useful, and look forward to answering your questions/comments below!