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How To Have Your Tile & Grout Sparkling Again, Naturally

It’s incredible to note that as often as you mop and clean your floors and walls, your tiles never manage to quite regain their once pristine look. The slightly receded surface of grouting tends to be an even bigger magnet for dirt of all nature, and in areas that are very damp, can also be a breeding ground for types of mold.
To help you fight these problems, we’ve come up with a list of suggestions to help you get your tiles and grout sparkling again, without the use of bleaches or chemicals.


This is by far one of the cheapest, easiest and most effective natural cleaners. Plain spirit vinegar is slightly acidic which makes it great at cutting through dirt and grime, therefore ideal for using on your kitchen, bathroom and floor tiles. Mix a 50-50 combination of vinegar and water and apply to dirty surfaces, either with a sponge or spray. Let it sit for 30 seconds and then scrub surfaces. A stronger mix can be used as well, depending on how sensitive you are to the vinegar.

Baking Soda

Baking soda adds a bit of abrasion to your regular wash. Whether you’re washing with water or vinegar, scatter a bit of baking powder on the surface before scrubbing to make dirt removal a little bit easier. Be sure to rinse your surface down after cleaning to dissolve any residue and admire your nice clean floors.


The natural element borax has a surprising number of applications. It can be purchased along with other laundry detergents in most grocery stores, or else can be picked up in your local hardware store. Usually sold as a powder in the form of sodium borate, when mixed with water it forms a highly basic compound, great at disinfecting. It can be used in much the same way as one uses baking soda, apply some to the surface and then scrubbing clean together with a water or vinegar solution.


If you don’t want to bother with any of those; due to the number of concerns around bleach products, many manufacturers now sell bleach-free, all-purpose cleaners. They may not be as effective as some alternatives, but they do a good job and come in the convenient spray bottle containers.

Seal that grout

As a closing note, once you’ve got your floors and walls all nice and shiny, think about applying some grout sealant to the gaps. Grout is a porous substance, which means it’s quick to absorb dirt and other things it comes in contact with. This is half the reason that makes it so hard to clean. A grout sealant can be bought at most hardware stores, is easily applied and will keep your joins cleaner for longer.

While most of these suggestions can be completed on your own, if your tiles and grout need a little bit of extra care, give us a call and we can help take the hassle and time out of cleaning for you.