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Top 3 Tile Designs For Kitchen Backslash

Kitchen backsplash have moved from being a functional part of a kitchen, protecting walls from cooker and sink splashes, into a way to add a statement to one of the most used rooms in the home. Using different materials, and incorporating color and texture into the kitchen, backsplashes are becoming more of a focal point to the modern kitchens. Here are three tile designs to consider when designing a backsplash.

Acrylic Tiles

Using acrylic tiles, splashbacks can be created to compliment, or contrast with the rest of your kitchen décor. Brilliant white can be paired with pastel colors in a traditional shaker style kitchen, keeping the reserved tones that this style has. As well as using traditional square tiles, curved or irregular shaped tiles are also becoming more popular. A skilled tile fitter can design bespoke patterns and finish them with expert precision, producing eye catching center pieces for your kitchen that still serve their function perfectly. If you have a more modern style of kitchen unit, you can use highly polished tiles in vibrant colors to compliment your polished marble worktops or shiny units.

Glass Tiles

Using glass tiling is also a more common these days. Glass is an ideal material to use, as it is easily cleaned and provides the protection for walls you would expect. Glass tiles can be bought in just about any color, allowing you to match your backsplash with your existing kitchen. Again, it can be used to make the area into a feature, something that really stands out in your kitchen. Coupled with the glass tiles, it is also becoming more popular to carry the glass theme through the kitchen, adding a shallow boarder of about two inches around the length of the work tops. This boarder is usually made from glass also, and provides a way to connect the backsplash behind the cooker and the sink together.

Metal Tiles

Metal tiles are relatively new, but work extremely well with many styles of kitchen. The industrial look has become very popular recently, with many restaurants using this style in their design. Bringing the restaurant feel into your home is achievable by using aluminum tiles. They can be installed with either a highly polished finish, looking almost like a mirror behind your cooker, or in a brushed effect, giving a subtler result. Using metal tiles gives the option to match them to appliances like refrigerators and cookers, and allows for taps and switches to be coordinated into the design. Alternatively, they provide a contrast in kitchens with marble or granite work surfaces.

Creating a bespoke kitchen statement piece with tiles is one of the most popular additions to a kitchen at the moment. And while the materials, designs shape and size can all be customized by your tiler, it doesn’t take away from the fact that the backsplash continues to do what it is designed for – keeping your walls dry and debris free. You can get more inspiration by giving us a call to see what is available for your kitchen.