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Top 5 Tile Colors For 2018 That Are Guaranteed To Brighten Your Home

As 2017 draws to a close our attention must now be on what 2018 may bring. Well, when it comes to home decorating that is. Yes, it’s that time of year where we delve into the hot new colors for the upcoming year and quickly find ways to incorporate them into our home to give it a pop of color. Some colors will remain popular throughout 2018, gray is going nowhere, and we expect to see a lot of deeper shades of the colors that were popular through 2017.

If you’re looking for tile, though, here’s your chance to seriously brighten up your home. Going bright with colors in your flooring has become a popular trend to elevate rooms. It allows you to keep the rest of the area neutral while still getting a much-needed lift. What about your bathroom walls and backslash in the kitchen? Tiles are everywhere in your home and they’re a great place to add that pop.

1. Red
Whether you’re looking to tile your bathroom or your kitchen area – you can expect to see red everywhere throughout 2018. It’s popular for a reason, while the shade is entirely up to you – we say go bold or go home! No, seriously, go home and figure out where you can put these amazing red tiles.

2. Blue
There will never be a time that blue goes out of style. The reason it remains so popular is it is versatile, it is calming, cool, and collected. It goes well with so many different colors and you can achieve a lot of different looks with it. That means going blue is a long-term investment and the rest of the room can be changed intermittently to change the feel and style of it. Whether you’re looking to create a calming space to work in or trying to give your bedroom a chic look – blue is your new best friend (who needs diamonds anyway, right?).

3. White
It might not be as exciting as many of the other colors out there, but what white does well is brighten up any room. It’s especially a positive choice for tile floors. They make a great choice for kitchen backslash and can improve the look of the place without having to spend big on other upgrades.

4. Green
We saw a big move towards bringing the outside in during 2017 and that is set to continue in 2018. We don’t spend enough time in nature, so it’s no wonder we’re trying to drag it indoors to hang out more often. Green is equally as calming as many shades of blue and it’s also a great color for mixing and matching to create whatever type of look you’re trying to capture. So, are you looking to mingle your greens with browns, oranges or are you looking to go all the way and introduce splashes of yellow?

5. Pink
Remember visiting a friend’s house and seeing pink carpeting everywhere? You probably wondered why anyone would choose that. Well, that was the trend at the time. Here’s the thing, yes, pink is back (particularly the stunning fuchsia) – it’s all about your execution, though. If you choose the right shade and put the right color in the right place then you don’t need to worry about your look being dated.

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