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Top Tips for Innovative Fireplace Design

fireplacesIf you’re considering installing a new fireplace into your home, or renovating your old fireplace to help modernise your home, there are a million ways to make a statement through innovative design, while keeping the practicality that you need from it.

Design features of fireplaces are currently stretching beyond the normal realms of traditional design, and features like extra wide open faced fireplaces are becoming a very popular option.

Expanding the width of your fireplace can add a completely different dimension to your room renovations by combining homely warmth with beautifully striking visual appearance. If you desire a clean modern outcome from your renovations, you can confidently include a uniquely tailored fireplace, knowing it will quite easily add extended value to your home, as well as looking amazing.

Custom tiling or brickwork within, or around your fireplace are great ways to create a lasting impression with your renovations, and if you’re looking for an affordable way to create a functioning piece of art in your home, a custom fireplace can be the perfect starting point.

When you are weighing up the options of a renovation in your living space, there are certain things to consider that will make the room functional, classy and homely. If you have a style in mind for the theme of your renovation, write down a list of things that fit into the design, and try and stick to it.

Modern contemporary design features for instance, will be clearly ordered and free of unnecessary features. The elements in the design can be exposed to display architectural designs of a room, with the emphasis on the space itself, rather than on any ornamentation or added detail. Ensuring these elements of design stay functioning in your renovation will mean choosing the right products for your room, like simplistic furniture, subtle colorings and sleek edged design.

Traditional styles are still very popular through renovations, and if you use common elements from the original room, like polished floorboards, exposed beams and traditional paint or wallpaper colors, you can modernize your room, while keeping the original intent of the design clearly visible. One perfect way to keep your room traditionally styled is by hiding the modern features, like televisions or computers, with cabinets and timber stable type doors. These, combined with a beautifully constructed stone surrounded fireplace are a winning combination in any home. An impressive fireplace is a focal area of any space, and lighting a fire in it will give you a constant reminder that home is where the heart is.

Other trends with fireplaces today are combining the traditional fireplace construction with a gas powered internal construction. There are many benefits of a gas fireplace, and the options for creative design are endless. Being able to combine stone, tiles, glass and timber in a fireplace construction allows so many new and exciting possibilities to personalize your room in your next renovation.

If you are considering creating a stunning centerpiece for your home, we would love to hear from you.