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Top Ways to Spruce Up Your Bathroom Tiles

Bathrooms are not always high on the list of priorities when it comes to decorating your home, but it is surprising how a few small changes can dramatically improve the look and feel of one of the most used rooms in your home. If a new bathroom suite is too much of a stretch for your budget, there are some things that can be done quickly and relatively cheaply to give your bathroom a new look. Here are some things you can do to your tiles.

Cleaning – bathroom tiles are constantly subjected to steam and water. Their cold surface causes condensation to build up, and run down. As a result, tiles can often appear to have a slightly chalky look and feel, and the marks from the condensation can run from ceiling to floor. Cleaning regularly with a good quality multipurpose cleaner can remove that chalky residue and wipe away the tracks left by the water droplets.

Grouting – a slightly more time consuming, but equally effective upgrade to your tiling, is to redo the grouting in your bathroom. This could be as simple as getting a solution made from baking soda and water and really scrubbing the grout lines, or a little more complex, by using a grouting pen, which in essence goes over the existing grout work with the same color, bringing it back to its original condition. It will need to be cleaned first though.

Mold – condensation in the bathroom brings with it another problem – mold. The warm and humid conditions make an ideal breeding ground for mold, and it can be especially rife along the seal of a bath or sink, and the tiles. It takes a lot to remove it from the tiles, especially if it has built up behind the taps, and in extreme cases it should be tackled by a professional. However, if you can remove the mold from the corners of your tiled bathroom, it will bring a new fresh look to the space for very little investment.

Painting – when tiling just isn’t your thing when it comes to DIY, it might surprise you to know that there are now special paints that are designed specifically for tiles. That means you can give your bathroom a whole new look with just a tin and a paintbrush, never having to worry about trying to put a tile to the wall at all.

Replacement – for the best results when freshening up your bathroom, little can beat a professionally fitted retiling. Removal of the existing tiles, repair to any damaged plasterboard, and laying tiles that reflect your style is one of the best investments you can make to one of the most popular rooms in any house. A skilled tiler can get a bathroom retiled in a few days, removing old, stained or mold covered tiles and giving your bathroom a fresh new look.

Whatever you decide, there is no harm in getting a quote for someone to retile your bathroom. If you want to call in a professional tiler, give us a call.