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The Value of Outdoor Tiling

outdoor-tilingYour outdoor living space is there to be a well-used area of your home, and when it comes to creating an innovative, comfortable and practical outdoor space, you really can’t go past tiles to give you everything you need. Outdoor tiling on your patio or deck can create a very unique space for your family that will have your visitors leaving inspired.

As far as outdoor areas go, they tend to get a lot of attention from the elements, like rain, sun, snow and wind. They also attract a lot of foot traffic. When designing your area, consider protection from the weather as a priority. This can be cleverly controlled by building feature walls, or installing blinds or awnings.

To ensure the space lasts a lifetime, there are a number of ways you can achieve this. Proper planning for the design of your outdoor space is very important, so to make sure you get everything right, put some effort in before you get started.

Planning your budget will help you choose how much you can spend on each new element for your outdoor space.  Whether it’s on furniture, your barbecue of fireplace, a pizza oven, plants, flooring or lighting you will require some creative and clever thinking to make the most of your space.

Outdoor Furniture

Consider the size of your outdoor furniture, and how well it will fit in the space.  Your choice of materials that your furniture will be made of should be based around the use and protection it will have. When it comes to size, creating the space based around how many people you entertain is a great way to look at things.

Outdoor lighting and Heating

There are two types of lighting to consider for your outdoor room, task and feature. Task lighting, is practical lighting for over your work and service spaces (tables and cooking areas). Feature lighting highlights characteristics of your outdoor living area like water features, plants, trees and art pieces. With so many amazing outdoor heating options to choose from, don’t leave them out when planning your outdoor space. An effective heating system will allow more time outside.

Think storage

Just like inside your home, you need lots of storage outside. When you design your space, it’s easy to fill unused space with well-planned storage areas.

Use Tiles for Durability and Style

Tiles are one of the best ways to really improve the standard and style of your well-planned outdoor space. Choose a tile that compliments your home, as well as the area around your home to make the most of the visual element. Combining tiles with rustic timber edging is a great way to enhance an already stunning space. Make sure you choose either neutral colors or complimenting colors that match with your existing furniture, or future additions. Whether you choose one tile type, or a combination of tiles, the durability compared to other flooring types are second to none.

We hope this information has been useful, and look forward to hearing from you for a quotation on your next project.